• Real-Time Charting and Data from Trader|OS

    RealTime Futures Data from Trader|OS06.24.2012 22.39.45 Real Time Charting and Data from Trader|OS

    RealTime charting combined with RealTime communication equals RealTime Collaboration fromTrader|OS. Instantly share a chart, or trade idea, with a single click of the mouse, and receive feedback from across your social network in RealTime.

    • Real-Time Charting and Data
    • Access live charts for any market: Futures, Stocks, Forex
    • View in anytime frame: min, tick, daily
    • Publish and share your trade ideas and live charts instantly
    • Connect to twitter and instantly share your charts with your followers on twitter

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  • RealTime Collaboration and Social Trading

    Social Trading must equal RealTime Collaboration

    Social trading is beginning to change the way people trade. Traders now have access to other traders, and they can use this information to shape the way they view the markets. In the past traders were relying on fundamental and technical analysis as the basis for their decisions. In order to have a competitive edge, it has become essential that traders plug in and utilize social collaborative tools

    Currently, there are multiple methods that traders can use to exchange information. Some of the issues with these various methods are: speed, mobility, and lack of integrated real time functionality. As access to more information keeps increasing it has become ever more challenging to find ways to effectively use it.

    Professional traders can attribute much of their success to the information networks they have access to. Most of these traders use platforms like Bloomberg to connect with other traders and get access to high quality information and recommendations from their peers. Unfortunately the $25,000 annual fee to gain access to the many of these institutional platforms is cost prohibitive for most independent traders.

    Based on our experience with many of the institutional trading tools available, it is our goal to take the best features of those platforms and give them social collaborative functionality. This will be the first time independent traders will have access to something this powerful. Markets will change based on this new dynamic, and it will be essential for traders to utilize these social tools to take their trading to the next level.

    To find out more about our vision for social trading and RealTime collaboration please visit us at traderos.com 

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